Welcome to the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. Be a part of musical adventures that will “capture your heart and touch your soul”. We wish that you enjoy each concert and look forward to the sensual power and emotional impact of wonderful orchestral music.


The Elmhurst community has a long and proud tradition of coming together to enjoy well-performed symphonic music. The encouragement and generous financial support of the community has allowed the symphony to provide quality concerts.
In the 1940’s the Elmhurst Community Theatre Orchestra provided music between sets of summer plays at the Elmhurst Community Theatre. They also performed at schools, churches, parks and other civic functions. From 1959 to 1961 the Theatre Orchestra transitioned into the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra led by its first Music Director John Lazich. The first performance of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra was November 19, 1961.
Over the years the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra has been blessed with the help and encouragement of Elmhurst College where rehearsals and performances took place. In its formative years, Dr. Robert Stanger, President of the College, also served as President of the Board of Directors of the Elmhurst Symphony from 1968-1972.
The last thirty years has seen the successful accomplishment of more diverse and complex musical challenges and more and more talented professional musicians becoming a part of our rich symphonic traditions.  We are especially proud of the contributions of Music Director Dale Clevenger (1981-1995) to the growth of the ESO. The growing reputation of the Elmhurst Symphony has expanded enormously with the nationally renowned leadership of Dr. Stephen Alltop who has been the Music Director since 1995.

Elmhurst Symphony 
Orchestra Conductors

1959-1965 John Lazich
1965-1968 Stanley Ackerman
1968-1973 Gordon Peters
1973-1981 John Duckwall
1981-1995 Dale Clevenger
1995- Present Dr. Stephen Alltop


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